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What we Offer

What we offer

  • Better education – At Feza Schools, we provide a comprehensive educational foundation by offering both the NECTA and Cambridge syllabus. Our talented teachers encourage students to think creatively, explore beyond conventional boundaries, and actively engage in their studies.
  • Parental care with a homely touch – We understand the importance of a nurturing and caring school environment, as students spend a significant amount of time in the company of teachers and peers. Our teachers are well empowered and trained to provide care and support for the students, creating a homely atmosphere that fosters a sense of belonging and well-being.
  • Good morals and academic excellence – At Feza Schools, we understand the significance of nurturing students who not only achieve academic excellence but also possess good-heartedness and upright character. We prioritize teaching and molding our students in a manner that reflects the values befitting of responsible citizens.
  • Latest technology for teaching and learning – Recognizing the dynamic nature of science and technology, we are committed to staying at the forefront of educational innovation. Our dedication to integrating the latest technological advances ensures that our students have access to modern tools and resources that align with their learning needs and prepare them for the evolving world.
  • National and international exposure – Feza Schools provides opportunities for students to broaden their learning beyond the classroom. Through our network, students participate in various competitions within and outside the country, such as Science & Mathematics Olympiads, Debates, and Environmental conservation projects. These experiences are crucial for their personal growth.
  • Conducive teaching and learning environment – We believe that a clean and calm environment is essential for fostering growth and learning. Feza Schools strives to provide the best conducive environment in our libraries, classrooms, and dorm rooms, offering ample space for students to thrive.
  • Diverse indoor and outdoor activities – Our students enjoy a range of club activities that allow them to explore different skills, including painting, music, and writing (such as poetry and novels). These activities provide a platform for students to challenge themselves and find their passion.
  • Well-equipped sports facilities and swimming pools – Understanding the importance of sports for both physical health and personal development, Feza Schools has invested in well-equipped sports facilities, including basketball and tennis courts, a swimming pool, football grounds with artificial and natural grass, and indoor games. These facilities aim to nurture students’ talents and foster a healthy and active lifestyle.


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