Water and Woman

Water and Woman

 Time to Help is an active organization that has opened more than a hundred well in Tanzania within 2 years. Each well has its story, and each well has its beauty within the eyes of its receivers. One of these wells was opened in the Bagamoyo region which is around 60 kilometers away from Dar-es-salaam.

Hundreds of people gathered at the place and together with this group, a minister was also invited for the opening ceremony. The crowd seemed ready to jump for joy and a group had already expressed it by dancing and making noise all around. This level of joy had surprised me, but it was clear that they were really in need of water.

Later on, following all the celebrations and the thanking speeches of the representatives, the minister stood up for some words. She said that the water issue is best understood by women. Women are responsible for cooking, washing, and cleaning. Women are also supposed to carry water to their home from far sources. These sources could be miles away, and there is no vehicle to help them cover that distance. Moreover, the path is covered with wild animals such as snakes, poisonous insects, and even jackals. It is also possible that the particular source is also drunk by elephants and emptied which forces them to search for a new source and sometimes to return empty-handed. Besides, some women are supposed to have their babies together with them, since there is nobody to take care of them. This doubles the burden to carry the buckets filled with water, the baby on the back and also take a special look for the danger around.

 Furthermore, the hygiene is another case, since the same water found on the ground is also used for drinking. People in such situations have no choice but to survive with this water they find for themselves. Remember, this is a repetitive task which is done every single day. Therefore women are the ones who benefit the most from this support.

She then thanked the Time to Help foundation and the donators for their help. Listing all these issues faced by the women here had influenced me deeply. It was an indeed difficult, dangerous, and tiresome thing to do. When I looked from this perspective, my astonishment had changed into excitement. Because, now, they could access to this 50-ton capacity well for free!

The danger became no more an issue, the long-distance had become some steps away, the water was always there, and now they had some clean water to use for themselves. At that moment, I started appreciating what I had rather than what I didn’t. Thanks a lot for all the work Time to help has done and the warm-hearted people who don’t reject to recognize and help others in need.

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