Share your christmas joy with needy children

Share your christmas joy with needy children

 Sharing is Caring: Celebrating Christmas with Orphans and Sick Children in Hospitals

Christmas is a time of joy, exchanging greetings, giving presents and family unity. It is always fun to receive gifts from your beloved ones but this time we would like to be the ones who will share our blessings and make love a verb. This Christmas, we are planning to have Christmas gift distribution to children in orphanages and hospitals.

We request your help to give as much as you could, so that we can together put smiles on their faces. As a way of expressing our gratitude, we will share pictures from the Christmas gift distribution with you and we will give you a certificate of appreciation.

*Food package includes: Rice, flour, sugar, cooking oil, beans, soap.


Merry Christmas
It was a nice day sharing happy moments with orphans at Green Pastures Home located in Mapinga Bagamoyo. We sang, played and distributed gifts to 30 children who reside at the Centre. Gifts boxes contained biscuits, chocolates, pens, exercise books, mathematical sets, toys and Tetris games. We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who made this possible.

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