Pongwe Primary School Dormitory and Classes Renovation

Pongwe Primary School Dormitory and Classes Renovation

About Pongwe Primary School

Pongwe primary school is among few old schools in Tanzania, this school was established in 1946. This is public school registered under TA/01/02/042. The school is in Tanga city council, Pongwe district, Pongwe street on the main road going to countryside which is 15 kilometres from Tanga city centre. This school started as a Municipal middle School and stated to receive blind students in 1968 (Boys). In 1999 the school stated to receive girls blind students. In the year 2009 the schools was appointed to be a center to receive students with albinism from different regions of the country, after their lives were in danger.

The school has a total of 1133 students, 586 boys and 547 girls, and among them 92 are with special needs in which 51 boys and 41 girls, among them albino students with low vision are 50, 24 boys and 26 girls, other normal students with low vision are 17, in which 9 are boys and 8 are girls, blind students are 23, 18 boys and 5 girls; also there are 2 girls who are disabled.

The school has has 40 staff, 35 teachers, 12 male and 23 females, Non-teaching staff 5 male 1 and female 4. Among them 3 are temporal, 1 male and 2 females

In general school buildings are old and needs to be renovated in large.

A short description of the project:


  • In general school buildings are old and needs to be renovated in large.
  • They also need Water well as the school host a large number of Students and the public water they currently use is too expensive.

Target audience

Students and teachers of Pongwe primary school (especially albino and blind students staying at the dormitories)


Project Duration

Project Start Date: 1/08/2019

Project Finish Date 08/01/2020



The purpose of the project

 Provide conducive environment for the disabled students to learn and live well at the center


Outcomes we expect from the project

Albino will live in a better safe conditions and free from danger of being killed or cut their body parts



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