Historical background of Kawe B

Kawe B primary school is among the old government owned school in Kinondoni district in Tanzania. It was established in 1975 by workers of Tanganyika Packers Company and given the name of Tanganyika Packers primary school until 1992 when honorable Ali Hassan Mwinyi the second President of the United Republic of Tanzania changed the name Tanganyika Packers primary school to Kawe B primary school.

Kawe B is located near Indian Ocean at Kawe ward, Kinondoni district and region of Dar es Salaam. The current population of Kawe B primary school according to annual enrolment statistic (2018) is 644 but the number is increasing rapidly due to good academic performance of the school.

In the enrolment of 2019 Kawe B primary school has 657 number of pupils.

Analysis of Pupils Enrolment in 2019 Academic Year

STD I5449103
STD II424991
STD III414788
STD IV513889
STD V374178
STD VI262450
STD VII4854102



The Current Situation of the buildings at Kawe B Primary School

Kawe B primary school has 9 classrooms buildings which have been built in 1975. Despite the efforts made by the government of Tanzania to make the school look good and by allocating good number of teachers and doing some renovation but the situation for all 9 classroom buildings are worse. There are cracks on walls, damages floor, holes on the roof, sheet and woods have been destructed in such a way that during rainy season it causes a lot of problem to pupils and is dangerous to use.

The only solution for this problem is to do deep renovation by removing all sheets and woods start roofing again with new one, making new floor by using tiles, renovating walls especially in the cracks and painting all nine classroom buildings.


Education background of Kawe B primary school

Kawe B primary school is one among the successful government owned schools in Tanzania, it has good historical academic records. For example last year 2018 Kawe B primary school had been the first performing school at Kinondoni district for government owned schools in the standard seven national examination results by  getting average of 195.8, and for grade four results we got 203 average the same year.


The contribution of the classroom renovation project

This project has many things to do with when implemented effectively.

  • It will help to rise up academic performance so it will motivate both teachers and pupils having good classrooms (good studying environment)
  • Reduce if not ending the problem of dropout
  • It will ensure nonstop teaching during rainy periods



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