First of all

 First of all

I am a 2-year volunteer in the Time to Help organization. Although a 2 year might not appear to be a remarkable period, I have had a lot of memories and have heard lots of stories from the warmhearted donators. One of the stories was by my grandmother.

She was born and raised in Turkey. Before coming here as a donator, she had once been to Nigeria and this country (Tanzania) and had seen an orphanage and a huge number of people in need. The Need for water was especially a difficult situation. People in some regions are supposed to walk miles away just for a little amount of water that they can carry with themselves. It is told that sometimes their sources could be drunk by some animals that pass by which forces them to find other sources. Furthermore, the water they collect is not only for washing and cooking, but also for drinking, and drinking water from the ground is surely an unhealthy way to feed oneself.

 First of all, she is a mother, and it is indeed sad for anyone who sights people in such living standards. So she decided to collect money for a water well that would cost a 3500$. She thought it could be way more beneficial to collect money from her surroundings rather than simply giving all by herself. Making other people aware of such opportunities would perhaps help them to do the same at some other time.

Therefore, she began to explain the purpose and then accept any amount of donation provided by each person she met. My grandfather had guaranteed to complete the remaining amount at the end of her collection period. And so she began collecting first from her neighbors and guests, then her relatives, and even expand to the friends of the neighbors. It was not sufficient for her. Therefore, she even went to strangers at the mosque following the prayers and ask if they would like to donate for such an organization. She says, none of them rejected her offer and had given even the smallest amount they have in their pockets.

Personally, If I was the one instead of her, I would not be able to carry on more than some months. However, due to her determination and pure-heart, she did this for a whole year and ended up leaving only a 100$ for my grandfather to add. I believe she could also gather that little amount in a short time, but that would leave nothing for my grandfather to participate in.

It was now in the hands of time to help, the money waiting to be used for a well that would help hundreds of needy people. She demanded to see the opening ceremony and feel the joy together with them. They came all together with one of my uncles and my grandfather. The well was at a school. Her face kept smiling as she watched the joy in the eyes of receivers, and even more when she recognized that the water was not salty meaning that it could also be drunk.

It surprised me when I saw 133 names written on the board, she had noted all the names of the donators! That moment I understood how easy and worthy it was to seek help even if it is a single penny that you spend. All those donators, consequently, had seen the result and hopefully, this has opened their hearts for other donations for the future. Finally, in the eyes of my grandmother, she surely will carry the happiness of playing a huge part in the lives of those hundreds who now easily access to their need for water.

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