Amani Orphanage Renovation

Amani Orphanage Renovation

About Amani Orphanage

Amani Orphanage is a home to Orphan children, where by children are taken care those with no parents or relative to take care and living under hard conditions. They get opportunity to live in a better place and receive formal education.

The Orphans are now living in a rented house at Kigamboni – Dar es Salaam whose rent is going to end soon. A Good Samaritan donated a land for the children and some other people started to donate for the Orphanage to be built. The Orphanage has two incomplete buildings, one for the boys and one for the girls.

Why Amani Orphanage?

  • It is recognized and registered by the government of Tanzania. We are working with only recognized orphanages by the municipal department of social well fare.
  • The land and the new constructed buildings has been donated to the orphans and owned by the registered Amani foundation. Hence no one can reclaim the buildings after renovation.
  • The children of Amani Orphanage now have no their own home, a good Samaritan rented a house for them to stay up to end of February 2019. They need their own place to live can not afford to stay in the rented house anymore.


Why children stay at the orphanage?

  • Children are safe staying at the orphanages rather than staying in streets or being tortured by the guardians when their parents pass away
  • They get a chance to receive education


About the new Amani Orphanage compound

The new compound has two major building one for the girls to live and one for the boys to live, also there are other outside rooms and toilets for the supervisors and other care takers to stay.

The boys’ main building has a total of 6 rooms, a living rooms and two toilets and two bathrooms. The building is not completed, the floor, roof, wall plastering, doors, windows, electric, plumbing and painting the whole building inside and outside.

A short description of the project

We are going to help finish completing the boys building so as they can both shift to their new Orphanage.

The repair will include: Windows, Doors, Concrete, Ceiling gypsum, Lighting, Electric, Toilets, Plumbing, Plaster, skimming and painting.


Target audience

Orphan children living at Amani Orphanage and street children. As we are planning in the future build some classes for nursery and vocational training inside the compound.




The purpose of the project

Provide better living environment for the children of Amani Orphanage


Outcomes we expect from the project

  1. Children will have their own house and live comfortably
  2. The cost for running the center will reduce


Children having reliable place of living instead of shifting from one place to another will improve academically.


PROJECT DURATION:  15th June – 15th September


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