At the start of 2018 financial year, Time To Help made the following set of targets:-

  1. #1 Renovation Project

In December 2017 Time To Help Foundation started the first ever renovation project of Charambe Orphanage Center which was Sponsored by Time To Help Netherlands, we managed to finish in February 2018. After a successful project we decided to set a target of at least one more renovation project for the year 2018, an orphanage center or a government school in Dar es Salaam Region was preferred.


  1. #2 Education and Training Project

One of the most common goals of Time To Help Foundation is to assist the young generation in education, currently we are more based in assisting students of higher learning institutions and those who are in vocational training institutions because it is our belief that they are very near to going back to the streets and they can be a part of our country’s economic development by working on their professions, hire themselves and eventually improve their individual life. Our target was to be able to help at least 30 students for the year 2018, which is almost 50% more of number of students we managed to pay for in 2017.


  1. #3 Clean Water Project

In supporting government’s efforts in bid to provide safe and clean water to the Tanzanians community, Time To Help Foundation is aware of that situation and we decided to set a target of finding donors for at least 20 new water wells. A very big challenge because it is more than 100% of 9 water wells we managed to drill in 2017 financial year.


  1. #4 Ramadhan Project

During the holy month of ramadhan Time To Help Foundation calls for donations so that we can offer hot iftar dinner to fasting Muslims through mosques in Dar es Salaam region and food packages to needy families around Dar es Salaam, Bagamoyo, Kibaha, Zanzibar etc. We decided to set a target of at least 10,000 plates of iftar to mosques which is more than 30% compared to 7,150 plates we were able to offer in 2017 financial year. A target for food packages was 1,500 packages, more than 20% increment of 1,224 packages given to needy families in 2017.


  1. #5 Kurban Project (Meat Sadaka)

During Eid El Hajj festival and throughout the year Time to Help Foundation mobilizes funds for cattle slaughtering and distribute meat packages of 3kg to needy families, prison, orphanage centers etc. Our target for 2018 was to slaughter 500 Cows, Same target as 2017 financial year because in 2017 we were able to achieve only 60% of the target.


  1. #6 Health Projects

With the multi sector license of Time To Help Foundation, in 2018 financial year we wanted to start engaging in health projects. We had two projects that we agreed to start working on, the first one is Eye Cataract Project and Health Insurance Project for Orphanage Centers.


  1. #7 Other Aids

Apart from working on big projects, Time To Help Foundation also engages providing one time aids where necessary to individuals/ intuitions/ villages etc. We don’t have special target of how much exactly we can provide but it depends on the need and our financial strength at the particular time.



From our set of targets made at the start of the year, we managed to achieve the following:-

  1. #1 Renovation Project

Through the renovation projects target, after successful Charambe Orphanage Center Project, we were able to cross our goal by securing the sponsorship of three more renovation projects and one new orphanage construction project which initial works started in December 2018:-


  1. Charambe Orphanage Centre Renovation

Charambe Orphanage Center renovation was funded by Time To Help Netherlands, the orphanage has two buildings, for boys and for girls, each building has six bed rooms where two double decker beds can fit in one room, which means 4 children per room. We bought new 23 double decker beds from Palray LTD, new 46 mattresses, 46 pillows and 23 pairs of bed sheets (one bed sheet per one bed), both buildings were repaired fully by changing the iron sheets, new paintings, new doors and new glass windows. The project started in December 2017 and completed in February 2018.


  1. Boko Primary School Renovation

Boko primary school renovation was funded by Time To Help Germany, we managed to repair roof, new iron sheets, new windows and painting two classes. 1 staff room and a small store room only painted and floor repair. Apart from renovation 1 water well drilled there. A guest of honor in opening ceremony was Hon. Ali Hapi who was the Kinondoni District Commissioner at that time. The project was completed in May 2018.



  • Mwandaliwa Orphanage Centre Renovation – Mbweni

Mwandaliwa Orphanage center Renovation was sponsored by Youth Ireland from New York, the orphanage has one big building with two sides for boys and girls. Work done was painting the whole building, gypsum roofing, new dining place construction, 20 benches and 10 tables for dining, 20 new double decker beds, 84 new bed sheets, 56 pcs mattress, 10 meters carpet for study room. The project completed in July 2018.


  1. Kawe B Primary School Renovation

Kawe B primary school renovation project was sponsored by Time To Help Netherlands for 3 new classes construction. Kawe B school classes were destructed by rain during 2018 rainy season, Time to Help Netherlands funded the construction of three new classes in Association with Feza Schools Who also played a big part. The project started December 2018 and finished in February 2019.


  1. Korogwe Orphanage Center Construction – Tanga

Korogwe Orphanage Construction Project was sponsored by Time To Help Netherlands. Part of project funds (Donations) were received in December for initial works to begin, preparation of the area and gathering of the equipments to be used and man power. The project is expected to finish in February 2019.


  1. #2 Education and Training Project

In this category Time To help Foundation managed to pay for student’s tuition fees and donated for dormitory rent to Tanzania Educational Foundation.

  1. Scholarship

Time To help Foundation managed to pay school fees for 27 students in 2018 which is 90% of our target. 22 students are of university level (Bachelor, Diploma), 1 technical college (Makongo Vocational Tr.) and 4 secondary school students. Also we managed to give monthly allowance for meals and accommodation to 12 students depending on their economic conditions. For more information see the attached (2018 scholarship students list).


  1. Tanzania Educational Foundation Dormitory Rent

Tanzania Educational Foundation is our partner organization, in 2018 we were able to donate for dormitory rent for students. We managed to collect only 26,400,000 TZS (12,000 USD) from our sponsors, the rest we pay from the remaining funds of other projects. We managed to pay total 51,700,000 TZS (23,500 USD) for 2018 (almost 11 Months’ Rent).




  1. #3 Clean Water Project

In 2018 Time To Help Foundation managed to work on 34 water wells. 22 new water wells at different primary and secondary schools in TANZANIA MAINLAND, 8 new water wells in ZANZIBAR, 3 repaired water wells, and 1 drilled but we failed to extract water (Ngorongoro – Arusha). 2018 water wells list attached.


  1. #4 Ramadhan Project

Donations for ramadhan period collected from Abroad and in our country from our volunteers and partner organizations. We achieved our target by 80% by giving 6,900 iftar plates to 29 different mosques in Dar es Salaam Region, and 1,060 iftar plates to Mwandaliwa Orphanage Center for 2 weeks sponsored by Time To Help Netherlands. We managed to give food packages to 1,504 families one food package weigh more than 15 kgs. one package contain (5kg wheat flour, 2kg sugar, 1 lt cooking oil, 500gm spaghetti, 500gm salt, 5 kg rice, 250 gm tea leaves, 2 kg beans). 2018 Mosques list attached.


  1. #5 Kurban Project (Meat Sadaka)

During eid el hajj festive season, Time To Help Foundation slaughtered 410 cows and managed to give meat sadaka of 49,695 kgs to needy families in packages of 3 kgs per family totalling 16,565 Families. This achievement is equal to 82% of our target for 2018 financial year.


  1. #6 Health Projects

The two health projects of Eye Cataract and Health Insurance Project for orphans were successfully submitted to our sponsors but it is still a work in progress they are working on the projects and we are waiting to hear from them.


  1. #7 Other Aids

In 2018 Time to Help Foundation donated one photocopy machine Jitihada Primary School in February 2018, then donated 3,000,000 in cash to the member of parliament of Hanang Province (Hon. Mary Nagu) for iron sheets to be bought for new school construction in her province, food packages worth 1,300,000 given to bakwata for maulid preparation and 700,000 TZS sent to Chato district sheikh to buy 1 cow for Maulid in November 2018, 80 schools bags, exercise books, Pens to Mwandaliwa Orphanage Centre children, and 200 food packages bought and districted to eldery house at tegeta, these were sponsored by our volunteer from Germany. one package contain (5kg wheat flour, 2kg sugar, 1 lt cooking oil, 500gm spaghetti, 500gm salt, 5 kg rice, 250 gms tea leaves, 2 kg beans).