2016-2017 Report


20,542,400 TZS

Time To Help paid school fees for 22 students at different colleges and universities. Total scholarship commitment was TZS 20,542,400. The Foundation also donated 60 desks to Nianjema Primary School in Bagamoyo, Coast Region.

Special Needs Help

42,411,600 TZS

Time To Help provided food packages, clothes and other necessary materials to different Orphanages. The poor in Bagamoyo and Kibaha in the Coast Region and Dar es Salaam received 42,411,600 TZS worth of food support, touching the lives of 1,224 families. We started paying monthly meal allowances for 12 needy students at a total rate of TZS 2,150,000. TTH paid for medical expenses and surgery of needy patients.

Civic Organizations Aid

5,300,000 TZS

Al Azhar Education Centre and Tanzania Educational Foundation received TZS 5,300,000 worth of six months’ and two months’ rent respectively.

Help to Disabled and Vulnerable

TTH availed capital to disabled people to enable them earn a living through running small family income generating activities. For example, one blind man was assisted with a deep freezer and blender while a widow received a popcorn maker.

Kurban (Eid El Hajj- Season of sacrifice)

305,913,000 TZS

During the 2016 Sacrifice Season of the Eid el Hajj festival, TTH distributed 140 tones of meat to 46,500 families in various parts of the country. The following season saw 310 cows slaughtered and meat supplied to Dar es Salaam residents at a total sacrificial commitment of TZS 305,913,000.

Ramadan Iftar

23,385,000 TZS

During the 2016 and 2017 Ho0+ly Fasting Month of Ramadan, Time To Help respectively hosted Iftar to 30,000 people and distributed TZS 23,385,000 worth of the fast break dinner through different mosques.

Water Wells

169,437,600 TZS

TTH drilled 24 water wells in Pwani and Dar es Salaam regions at a total cost TZS 169,437,600 to help the people meet clean and safe water challenges. Eleven more wells were handed over to different Tanzania villages while seventeen others were still under construction.

Natural calamities

In partnership with Feza International and Feza Girls Time to Help school clubs, the Foundation presented 500 blankets and cash donation to Kagera Region earthquake victims.